"CO2 shortage leading to beer rationing" - 30th June 2018
Sky News

Stem Cells @ Lunch Podcast - 18th April 2018
KCL Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine


I am an author at preLights, a platform hosted by The Company of Biologists where early career researchers highlight important papers from preprint servers.

1) Highlight of "Senescence of alveolar stem cells drives progressive pulmonary fibrosis" - 8th November 2019

2) Highlight of "Single-cell RNA-sequencing reveals profibrotic roles of distinct epithelial and mesenchymal lineages in pulmonary fibrosis" and "Single Cell RNA-seq reveals ectopic and aberrant lung resident cell populations in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis" - 20th September 2019

3) Highlight of "Benchmarking Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Protocols for Cell Atlas Projects" and "Systematic comparative analysis of single cell RNA-sequencing methods" - 2nd June 2019

4) Highlight of "The landscape of antigen-specific T cells in  human cancers" - 19th November 2018

5) Highlight of "Single-cell RNA sequencing reveals novel cell differentiation dynamics during human airway epithelium regeneration" - 10th November 2018

6) Highlight of "Target-specific precision of CRISPR-mediated genome editing" - 27th September 2018

7) Highlight of "Profiling the surface proteome identifies actionable biology for TSC1 mutant cells beyond mTORC1 signaling" - 9th August 2018

8) Highlight of "An atlas of the aging lung mapped by single cell transcriptomics and deep tissue proteomics" - 11th July 2018

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