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“Lung stem cell-based models of ageing and disease”
The Francis Crick Institute Stem Cell Forum, London, U.K. March 2019. 

“Advancing human-derived models in lung research”
NC3Rs/Unilever PhD Studentship Launch Event, London, U.K. March 2019.

"Patient-derived models of non-small cell lung cancer"
UCL Division of Biosciences Seminar Series, University College London, U.K. Jan 2019.

"Modelling respiratory disease and cancer using human cells"
National Heart and Lung Institute Seminar, Imperial College London, U.K. July 2018.

"Ex vivo models of normal and malignant airway epithelia"
KUCI London Respiratory Meeting, London, U.K. April 2018.

“Defining airway stem cells relevant to long term regeneration in humans”
Stem Cells at Lunch Seminar Series, Kings College London, U.K. March 2018.

“Expanding the right stem cells for airway cell therapy”
UHU Bioengineering, Regeneration and Repair Meeting, Munich, Germany. July 2017.

"Cell culture models of the human airway epithelium in health and disease"
London Cancer and Stem Cells In Vitro Models Club, London, U.K. June 2017.

"In vitro expansion of airway basal cells capable of mature differentiation"
UCL Respiratory Seminar, London, U.K. June 2016.

“Airway stem cell expansion and transplantation”
New developments in in vitro models of the pulmonary epithelium.
European Respiratory Society Research Seminar, Berlin, Germany. April 2016.

“Airway stem cells in tracheal tissue engineering”
BIRAX Conference, Oxford, U.K. April 2016

“Rapid expansion of human epithelial stem cells suitable for airway tissue engineering”
Cell Culture 2016, London, U.K. February 2016.

"Human airway basal stem cells: improving tissue engineering and basic lung science"
KUCI London Respiratory Meeting, London, U.K. January 2016.

“Stromal support allows the rapid expansion of human airway epithelial cells in vitro”
London Matrix Group Autumn Symposium, London, U.K. October 2015.  

"Optimizing human epithelial cell culture for airway regenerative medicine"
LUCKI London Respiratory Meeting, London, U.K. February 2015.

“Cross-talk between airway epithelial stem cells and 3T3 feeder cells in co-culture”
ISSCR, San Francisco, U.S.A., June 2016.

“Rapid expansion of human epithelial stem cells suitable for airway tissue engineering”
Lung Stem Cell Conference, Vermont, U.S.A., June 2015. 

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