July 2016-December 2021

Postdocoral Fellow 
Swanton Lab 
UCL and The Francis Crick Institute

Our ability to generate new cancer therapies is limited by the overly simplistic models available in the laboratory. My research aims to generate patient-specific cancer models in the context of the TRACERx clinical study and use these to develop new treatments that harness the patients immune system to fight their cancer.

July 2012 - June 2016

PhD Student 
Lungs for Living Research Centre
UCL Respiratory

My PhD research focussed on epithelial stem cell biology in the context of the human lungs. We described methods to isolate and expand airway basal stem cells from human patients. We investigated the use of these cells for transplantation as well as in new drug development platforms.

Oct 2009 - June 2012

Natural Sciences BSc 
Durham University

In Durham, I studied cell biology along with modules from Chemistry and Neuroscience.

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